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While we were developing our packed cement products, we spoke to more than 500 builders and contractors to understand what wanted the most from cement they use. That feedback helps us shaped our product.

We Deliver Quality

Concrete is a basic building material that will continue to be in demand far into the future. Cement industry is growing at a rapid pace in India and over the globe. Many new brands are available in the market but selection of good cement is very important for an engineer. Much time construction projects fails due to poor quality of cement.

Always On Time

It goes without saying that business needs to show up on time to get the job done. Although this seems like common sense, you will probably encounter a few businesses that are chronically late. For business it needs to be addressed because it affects productivity, sales and ultimately the reputation of an organization.

We Are Pasionate

We are passionate about conserving the environment, and we believe in giving back to Mother Nature which provides us with all the natural resources. It’s reflected in our various contribution and sustainability. We seek to integrate our business values and operations in an ethical and transparent manner to improve our abilities and environmental and economic practices in an attempt to create a positive impact on the society.



Momazin paint coloration private limited is a cutting-edge cement manufacturing and marketing company with an ambition to establish itself as a leading player in the cement industry.

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Advantages of Blaze

Higher durability of concrete structure due to less permeability of water
Better work ability.
Low heat hydration.
Better surface finish.
Due to high fitness Blaze has better cohesion with aggregates and makes more dense concreteness.

Ordinary Portland cement (O.P.C)

Ordinary Portland cement is prepared by a fully automated, dry manufacturing process using state of the art technology under strict quality assurance at all stages of manufacturing with the help of the “ROBOTIC (POLAB)” system. The product comes in a range of specifications to suit various conditions and application such as dry lean mixes, general purpose ready-mixes and even high strength pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete. OPC is available in OPC-43 and OPC-53 Grade.

Advantages of OPC

Product high durable and sound concrete due to very low percentage of alkalis, chlorides, magnesia and free lime in its composition.
Almost negligible chloride content results in restraining corrosion of concrete structure in hostile environments.
Significant saying in cement consumption while making concrete of grades M15, M20, M25, M35 and pre-cast segment due to high strength.

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